I should be happy today

I won’t deny this post is self-centered, and I apologize for that. But I should be happy today. Today I spoke here in DC at ALAAC22 on an amazing panel. I was joined by fellow librarians Amie Wright, Matthew Noe, Eric Carpenter, and comic creator Maia Kobabe. Yes, Maia Kobabe.

I spoke about the toolkit created by the Preparing For and Addressing Challenges to Comics in the Library Committee, on which I served. The panel went very well. People were engaged and grateful. And, again, I got to meet the Maia Kobabe.

But I can’t be happy today. No matter how proud I try to be, I can barely even focus on it. All I can think about is the horror wrought today by a corrupted, unethical, lawless, partisan SCOTUS, composed of three unqualified appointees seated by an insurrectionist. It’s unreal. I knew it was coming, but that still did not prepare me. My mind and heart is focused on all those who will be affected by this, and I can’t help but weep.

Take care of yourselves, all. The fight must continue.