Lots goin’ on!

Me: “I have about 50 library-related tasks to complete.”

Also me: “Now is the perfect time to read the entire run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from IDW.”

Just wanted to check in and say how happy I am that there’s so much going on! First, I interviewed for The Cut’s article “Did the Great Resignation Save Your Life?” about why I left my previous library job and how much more fulfilled I am now.

I just handed in my second book review for Library Journal, which will be published soon. Last Thursday, 6/2/22, I presented a webinar for PCI and Florida libraries about Comic Cons as Professional Development and Outreach Opportunities. This upcoming Thursday, 6/9/22, I’ll be a panelist for another webinar Proactively Addressing Challenges to Your Comics Collection along with GNCRT president-elect Moni Barrette and CBLDF’s Betsy Gomez.

Along with all that, I have the distinct honor of selecting graphic novels for a branch of the DC Public Library thanks to my position with Brodart. So much to do, so little time to actually read comics! (But don’t worry, I’ll find a way somehow).