LLX spells success

Well, we’re done with the inaugural LibLearnX, the Library Learning Experience from the American Library Association. Despite how I wished it could have been in-person and how burned out I am on online presentations, I have to admit that LLX was a resounding success from where I sit.

I got out of this virtual conference everything I wanted; I learned a lot and made new connections. I felt inspired by some the speakers to try something new and even a bit invigorated in the profession. I was very pleased that the closing speaker, Colin Kaepernick, wasn’t like other speakers who say nice things about libraries and that’s it. He actually called out some common library practices as racist and challenged us to rethink and do better. Powerful stuff.

Certainly my favorite session was learning how to do an in-house DEI audit of my library’s collection using tools already at our disposal, such as Excel. And, of course, my own presentation seems to have been a success. It got tweeted about and written about. I lost my place in my notes pretty quickly, I’m just sort of a spaz like that. But I winged it and people seemed to dig it, so I hope it was helpful.

My congratulations to everyone involved in making LLX an effective, educational, online experience.