Is The Walking Dead just hobbling now?

Well, I did not see this coming. No one did. Admittedly, I am behind (like years behind) on The Walking Dead comic, but, oddly, this gives me motivation to read the whole damn thing now, knowing that there is an ending. I wonder how many other people are like me in that regard. I also wonder if that’s what keeps new readers away from superhero comics and why the graphic novel is elevating in prominence. Maybe people just crave a beginning, middle, and end to their stories. I imagine now is the best time or the worst time to order those Walking Dead compendiums for your library.

So, The Walking Dead comic is ending, but AMC insists that the franchise itself, composed of two TV shows, mobile games, upcoming TV movies, etc. is still going strong. Is that true, or is this franchise simply dead on its feet? “We are the walking dead!” cry the show’s producers and remaining cast. Anyhoo, read on.