There. I fixed it.

There is a woman out there, sadly residing in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, who has declared libraries her enemy. Never in my wildest imaginings could I come up with a comic book villain so cliched and sinister. She’s so cliched, it’s actually a bit pathetic.

The self-titled “Activist Mommy” searches the Internet for LGBT-inclusive events at public libraries (events that teach straight youth the value of inclusivity and provide a welcoming space for LGBT youth who have to live in a world where they are persecuted by people like the “Activist Mommy”), and she uses social media to enlist her clearly unstable followers to terrorize these libraries. After threats of violence are made against children, the libraries are forced to move the events due to safety concerns, and the “Activist Mommy” celebrates. She celebrates threats of violence against children. Because it furthers her radical agenda. That’s terrorism. She’s the Terrorist Mommy. Never call her anything but. Read on in this Washington Post article, though I had to fix the headline for accuracy.