Batman and Captain America (December, 1996)


What’s Inside:

Retro goodness! See John Byrne doing stuff! See Bats and Cap fight together in WWII era┬álike they are dancing! See Joker and Red Skull be immune to each other’s gas! See Robin and Bucky face an existential crisis together upon the realization that they are both destined to suffer states of death only to be resurrected by sinister hands to inflict vengeance and torment upon their loved ones and…wait…wrong Robin…wrong book.

But this happens:


Writer: John Byrne

Artist: John Byrne

Publisher: DC/Marvel

Why I Kept This Issue:

John Byrne did this issue. The. Whole. Thing. Granted, when it first came out, I would have preferred it feature the then-current versions of the characters. But doing so would have allowed for a lot of missed opportunities, such as the sidekick swapping, so now I love it. Besides, seeing a more modern meeting between Cap and Bats was what Marvel vs. DC was for, I ‘spose.


Attached Memory:

I read this issue on the December night of ’96 when my grandmother made my favorite of her Christmas treats; chocolate and peanut butter pinwheels. Mmmm…holy shit, they are the best things you could put in your mouth. We then watched The Frighteners and James and the Giant Peach together, while I snacked on the pinwheels. And by “snack” I mean I shoveled the entire batch into my mouth like a boar devouring truffles, every damn one. Hard to believe I didn’t get fat until adulthood.

Condition of My Copy: Ooooo Elseworlds Prestige Format. Just some chocolate and peanut butter fingerprints is all.

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