It’s been a whirlwind of a fortnight, and I am exhausted

Two weeks ago, I descended upon Los Angeles, so I could combine this extended work trip with some sightseeing. Three days wasn’t much, but I had a blast. I got to hang with my friend Paul and meet his sweet, slobbery bulldog. I walked Hollywood BLVD and stopped into the Funko store where I turned my husband and myself into Funko Pops!

I hopped over the Burbank where my friend Geoff Johns (who had new comics out last week, by the way!) and I went to the original Big Boy restaurant. I picked up a limited edition Big Boy paperweight (#184 of 500!). It was so yummy and really special for me, since I have such fond memories of Big Boy from childhood. Geoff also gave me a collection of Ghost Machine comics, including one with a metal cover!

I had other adventures, as well, such as hitting up some really fun gay bars, visiting the Museum of Death (do not recommend), seeing the sights on Horror Row and the Nightmare on Elm St. House, and picking up some rare California beer for a friend only to leave it in the hotel fridge.

Next I took the train to Anaheim for another year of presenting at WonderCon. Along with the usual joys of browsing amazing comics and toys, commissioning Care Bear sketches, connecting and reconnecting with the best comics librarians and comics creators around, I was honored to speak about book bans on Fanbase Press’s panel “Comics Under Attack: Navigating Book Bans and Censorship” and acting as one of the moderators for Creators Assemble!: Comics Camaraderie, a Networking Event.”

After WonderCon, I left California and came straight back to Ohio, but not to stop working; instead of returning home to Cleveland, I returned to my former home of Columbus to attend PLA 2024. It was another terrific opportunity to engage in professional development sessions, learn new ideas I could take to my library, and network with colleagues from all over the country.

Once PLA was over, I came home to Cleveland where a fellow librarian and his husband from Atlanta joined us for today’s total eclipse. All the while, I’ve been working as a member of the quality control team for UABB’s Book Resumes. I tell y’all it’s been wild, nonstop adventuring and doing what I can to stand against book bans and stand up for libraries.

So worth it. Until next time!