Another WonderCon under my belt!

Hello there! My website has been down, otherwise I would have posted about this much sooner, but I’m glad to be back. If you recall, last year was my first time speaking at WonderCon, and I was delighted to be invited back for last month’s. I had an incredible experience all around, including making some new friends.

On the first day of WonderCon, I was honored to be a guest at the Comics Camaraderie networking event where comics professionals and amateurs of all walks and fields can interact. I met some marvelous people with some marvelous stories and intriguing questions. I also got to share a table with Mathias, a comics retailer, and Geoff Johns. Yes, the Geoff Johns, who is incredibly sweet and easy to talk to. Speaking only for myself, I definitely felt platonic sparks between us.

I also went out to a very fancy dinner at the Anaheim White House with my good friends Moni, Joe, and Dan and the good folks of Creators Assemble, had a not-so-fancy-but-delicious-af dinner with my good friend Paul, and just took it kinda easy on Saturday.

On Sunday, I moderated the Digital Comics @ Your Library panel with representatives from OverDrive, Hoopla, Comics Plus, and artist Bre Indigo. We had about 25 people show up in a room that seats 300, which isn’t great, but it was still a program I am proud of.

On Monday, my friend Mike and I enjoyed a day at Universal Studios Hollywood, which included a visit to the brand new Super Nintendo Land!

On Tuesday, I visited the LA Public Library and met Geoff Johns for lunch. He showed me the Mad Ghost Productions office, showed me around the Warner Bros Studios lot, took me to an old place called Smokehouse where celebrities eat, and we shared our love of comics and Diet Coke. It was quite an adventure, one I won’t soon forget.