I still can’t believe it! SDCC edition

I’m back, and I’m finally fully-recovered from SDCC. Nothing could have truly prepared me for the experience, and I doubt I’ll ever experience anything like it ever again. I feel honored and proud that I was able to participate in two panels and spread the good gospel of standing against bans and challenges of comics in libraries. I was joined by such amazing people, including Dr. Ashley Dallacqua, Moni Barrette, Jessica Lee, and Jeff Smith. And Pal Public Relations made this all possible by asking me to propose a panel in the first place, knowing that CCEL wanted some strong speakers.

As an actual comic convention SDCC is a bit lacking, but it exceeds at whatever the hell else it is. I’ve never seen such crowds and such energy and such excitement for nerd shit. There was a line for everything, everything was popular and busy, and there was so much to do and see that it was frankly overwhelming.

Besides speaking on panels, the highlight for me was attending the Eisners, which was a truly magical experience. It was a thrill, and often very moving, to see these creators I admire step on stage and accept their awards with pure emotion. After the ceremony was another world, too, as I stood with a beer surrounded by greats, greats whose work I read today and some I’ve been reading since childhood, as they drank and enjoyed themselves.

This trip to SDCC may be a once in a lifetime experience or it may happen again. Either way, I’ll never forget last weekend.