Can we get a reader back in the White House, plzthnx

Of all Trump’s atrocities, the fact that he’s too dense to be a reader (and forget about writing) is particularly embarrassing. A politician, a leader, a president, should be, in the least, well-read.

With the announcement that Kamala Harris has earned the Vice President nomination, I have hope that literacy may again be restored to the White House. I hope against that hope that Biden wins not just to save our country but to save the very foundations of critical thought. I’m not at all surprised to learn that Harris, who comes across as a sharp, willful, caring woman who is able to adjust her thinking with new information, reads diverse books. Just check out this list! The Kite Runner! The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! I love it! Recommend to me, Kamala!

As for Biden…dude. I don’t believe you read Ulysses. The smartest, most lost literate people I know, PhDs in English literature, can’t get through Ulysses. If he did read Ulysses, he was likely made to for class, and I don’t believe for a minute it’s his favorite book. But still. At least I know he can read. And that’s a welcome change.