Support the work of my library heroes

Hi, everyone! I have quite a few heroes who are friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in the library world, and many of them are also writers. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my excitement for them with you!

First up, we have this wonderful article for Library Journal from my hero Becky Spratford. Becky and I met years ago when I published my own little horror novella. She gave it a positive review, and we’ve been in communication ever since, including meeting for a Field Museum trip in Chicago. She also reviewed my most recent book. She’s all about horror, and y’all know I am too. Read her article here and visit her blog RA For All to find your next great read.

Next is William Ottens’, Librarian Tales, which he is so excited about and I am so excited to read. William is the creator of the popular Librarian Problems blog, and I have no doubt this book will be a hoot. He and I met briefly at Digipalooza a few years back, and I’ve followed his social media presence ever since. Order a copy of his book from any book retailer! Do it! Right now!

Finally, we have my newest hero Alicia Abdul who will be presenting a webinar tomorrow titled Why Graphic Novels? for school librarians. I’ll be a guest on this webinar, as well, and I have admired the amount of hard work Alicia has put into the presentation. She is a dedicated school librarian in the state of New York who specializes in graphic novels and comics. If you’d like to see her presentation, register here.