Judge agrees to hold hateful Iowa man who burned library books live for attention accountable.

This hateful man posted live on Facebook his personal crusade to burn library books for kids and teens. Among the thousands and thousands of children’s and teen’s books in that library that portray straight and cisgender youth, the idea that LGBT youth might have the opportunity to see themselves in a few books was far too much for this guy to handle. Not to mention any straight and cisgender kids who would also benefit by reading books about kids that are different from them.

Anyway, the hateful man will likely only have to pay a few hundred bucks and spend a month in jail, which seems like a fair punishment for burning books that belong to the public, so the rest of society will have to hold him accountable for the spread of hatred.

And if I read the linked article correctly…he just, boy, flat out said that he was inspired by Nazis, didn’t he? These people aren’t even bothering to deny that they’re Nazis anymore, are they?