Horror legend John Carpenter takes on the Clown Prince of Crime

I have to be honest. I’m bored with the Joker. Seriously, Batman has, hands down, the best rogues gallery in all of comicdom, but the Joker is still overused. It’s funny how the Joker is the most recognizable super villain on the planet without an official origin story. In a way, it makes the character more versatile, and the Joker can play a variety of roles from mere, semi-amusing nuisance to terrifying psychopath. And right now, he’s everywhere. He even has that clearly-Oscar-bait movie on the way.

But as bored as I am with the Joker, I admit I’m going read this. I mean, it’s John Carpenter, for crying out loud, and I love horror! And it’s in-continuity, which is a real shocker in this age of DC Black Label craziness. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype!