The hottest thing in libraries since drag queen storytimes…the Charlie Cart!

Okay, that headline is hardly true, as these Charlie Carts cost, oh, ballpark 10 grand, but still, this is big. Big systems such as San Francisco, Cleveland, etc. are implementing these bad boys to provide nutrition education to their communities, many of which are in fresh food deserts.

“Wait, what is a Charlie Cart?” you ask. “Shit,” I say, “sorry, I got ahead of myself.” The Charlie Cart Project is a non-profit endeavor to bring food and education to schools and libraries. Charlie Carts act as mobile kitchens and come complete with cookbooks and curricula so teachers, librarians, or volunteers can teach members of the community hands-on lessons for cooking fresh food while tying these lessons into math and science. They can be used in the school or library or taken to a community event, such as a fair or street festival. I’m seriously in love with this idea. Someone buy me one. Someone buy my library three of them.

Hey, learn more here, ‘kay?