Lots of thank yous and a sad update

I’ve been a bit absent from updating what’s been going on, because, frankly, I’ve just been so busy.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Betsy Gomez and the OIF for inviting me to be a panelist on the Practical Strategies for Defending Books in Your Library webinar during Banned Books Week on September 22nd. Once I have a recording of this session, I’ll share it here.

Next, I thank the good folks at Lincoln City Libraries in Lincoln, NE. They were generous enough to fly me out for a stay in Lincoln so I could share ways to organize and classify their comics collections during their staff in-service day. It was a wonderful experience, they were most hospitable, and I wish them the best in their efforts to get their comics into the hands of their patrons.

Next, I need to thank the CBLDF for having me on their New York Comic Con panel on Sunday, October 9th to discuss the state of comics censorship and challenges. I got to represent libraries on the panel as a member of the GNCRT Challenges Committee, since Amie Wright, the chair, was unable to attend. I managed to have a good time on this trip, including seeing my first Broadway play (Six) and getting some additions to my Care Bear sketchbook.

I say I “managed” to have a good to have a good time, though, because I truthfully did not want to be there as I was dealing with a broken heart. My best friend, Onyx the Poof Dog, died the night of September 30th. He died at roughly 16 years-old and we had been together for 13 years. He was a happy, twirly, little poof his entire life who brought a smile to my face every day. He was even the Best Man at my wedding. I miss him so much, and I will always love him.

Hold your furry ones close and give them a kiss for me, everyone.