Happy Groundhog Day! Let's relive the last 31 days of library news

Holy cow, what a year January was, huh? Just look at all that went down in library land last month.

  • We learned about how Anne Carroll Moore, one of the most powerful librarians in history (no seriously), successfully suppressed Goodnight Moon for years.
  • ALA got its new director!
  • Missouri Republicans want to jail librarians for supporting intellectual freedom, because this was bound to happen.
  • The National Archives earned the ire of librarians everywhere by censoring an image of the Women’s March used for (not in) its exhibit. The National Archives quickly apologized.
  • Our friends at OverDrive announced the libraries that made it into the OverDrive Million Checkout Club for 2019.
  • Reese Witherspoon is looking for a Librarian-in-Residence for her Book Club. Yes, it turns out it’s a paid position. Yes, I applied. Don’t judge.
  • The national fiasco that is the novel American Dirt is the first publishing scandal of 2020, so hold onto your butts, it’s going to be an interesting year.
  • Once again, librarians are divided over what exactly is the best way to provide equal access of services to the public and whether or not that should banning perceived hate groups and hate speech.
  • Macmillan are still being jerks. Oh, and Amazon is jerks too, which we suspected, but now we know.
  • A damn graphic novel finally won the damn Newberry!
  • And our friends at the Cleveland Public Library narrowly avoided a workers’ strike, so let’s be happy for everyone involved that it was avoided.

Welp, not sure whether to hope that February is more or less eventful! Happy Groundhog Day, folks!