Library non-troversy of the week…

Okay, look, there’s not much to say about this situation which sees artists pulling their display from a library because the library objected to sexual material in publicly-viewable spaces. In this week of actual library controversies, this is nothing.

The library is in the right here. Is this in any way discrimination? No, for surely this library wouldn’t post an exhibit in a publicly-viewable space on straight sex tips and straight fisting either. Is there a need for more spaces to talk safely about queer sex? Of course. Is a publicly-viewable space at a public the appropriate place for that? Of course not.

The library was willing to put up the rest of this very queer display celebrating queer love, but, sadly, it’s the artists here are being unwavering and unreasonable. We, as queer people, can’t afford to hold an entity like a public library to this impossible standard of wokeness where they hang displays that mention fisting while they are being otherwise supportive of queer identities.

Please, my LGBT brothers and sisters, don’t be like this. Please don’t have an all-or-nothing attitude and then alienate allies because they can’t live up to an unreasonable standard. Shame on Buzzfeed for framing the headline as though the library were wrong here.