We’re finally getting a BONE animated series, because f*ck yeah

I want to send my heartfelt congratulations to Jeff Smith and his team at Cartoon Books, and also to YOU, dear member of the public, because Bone will doubtlessly be an amazing animated experience.

In case you didn’t hear, earlier today it was announced that Netflix has secured the rights to do an animated series based on Jeff Smith’s monumental graphic novel Bone, an epic, cartoon-style, fantasy adventure. If you’ve never read Bone, now’s the time, folks. Also, go ahead and read RASL while you’re at it, because that’s my personal favorite.

I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for this news for quite some time, ever since it seemed that the deal with Warner Bros. was destined to fizzle out. I am exceedingly thankful to Netflix for stepping up, and I think Bone will have a perfect home there, and I’m so incredibly excited for my friends at Cartoon Books. My good friend Tom is the company colorist (check out some of his amazing color work on Tuki and in the image above), and he, Jeff, Vijaya, and Kathleen have all been wonderful to me over the years. I know that right now they are all as bubbly as fresh quiche, and they deserve such big exposure.

Read the press release here.

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