Fans of Marvel and fans of oxygen have had a helluva week.

By now anyone without web in their eyes has read the truly shocking and equally tragic news that the deal between Marvel Studios and Sony to share the rights of Spider-Man is no more, and Spidey shall no longer be a part of the MCU. On top of the news that we’re all going to die because the Amazon is burning, this sent me over the edge and made me cry a little, just like every other 30-something, male, comics fan out there. My knee-jerk reaction was the same as many; “Damn you, Sony! I know this is your fault! I never should have paid to see Venom or even Into the Spider-Verse, because now you think you can do Spidey without Marvel, but ya CAN’T, SONY, ya hear me, ya CAN’T.”

But as Vox points out, the situation may be far more complicated (and not as dire) as we think. I mean, of course, only the Spider-Man situation. The Amazon is still burning, and we’re all fucked in regards to that. We can hold out hope that all parties involved in the MCU/Sony deal will come to terms and work out a new arrangement to keep the fans happy, but the planet as we know it is still going to die, so we may never see a Marvel Phase Six or Seven anyway. Seriously, check on your friends and family who are Spider-Man fans and oxygen fans, because we are not okay. Also, this article from Forbes about the Spider-Man situation provides even more info. But why bother having this knowledge, we’re all doomed. Hardly seems to matter.

Honestly, the only reason I can crack a smile at all this week is thanks to the positive Marvel news that came out of D23, announcing three new squee-worthy TV series coming to Disney+, namely She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel. These are three of my favorite characters, so you need to head to your library or hop on to Hoopla right now and start reading to become familiar with them, especially John Byrne’s and Charles Soule’s runs on She-Hulk (my personal favorites). If you’re a librarian, now’s the time to get these ordered. And maybe some more books on survival techniques for living in a post-apocalypse.