I Need You All to Calm the #%*$ Down About Captain America


You’ve all heard the news about the big Captain America reveal. Lots of you are outraged. I get it (kinda), but please just save the outrage. It’s not permanent. Here’s why:

You all remember the retcon of a retcon which revealed that the Red Skull had used the Cosmic Cube to alter the Falcon’s history, making him a criminal? Check his Wikipedia page.

Remember which six-sided object just happened to be responsible for restoring Steve Rogers to super-soldier status? If not, re-read “Captain America: Sam Wilson” #7.

In that same issue, notice which key villain is there on the premises?

Seriously, it’s all going to be okay. Let’s the story unfold and judge it on its merits. Sit back and enjoy! Nick Spencer is a wonderful writer, and if you drop the book due to unwarranted outrage, you may miss a very enriching tale.