Elektra #1 (September, 2001) – autographed



What’s Inside:

Elektra confronts the man who killed her father and recounts her tale.


She is hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to retrieve an antique box, an item of great power, from an Iraqi dictator before Hydra can snag it. After threatening a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent’s genitals with her sai, she accepts the mission but demands to know what is in the box.

When her demand is refused, she goes rogue, gets shot at, and then the agent shoots her in the head.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Chuck Austen

Publisher: Marvel

Why I Kept This Issue:

This issue is moody, gritty, and bloody. I was mostly unaware of Elektra at this time and had never really encountered, unless you count her appearance in Marvel vs. DC which you shouldn’t. But this was the perfect way to meet her.

She is cool and collected and calculating; a stone-cold killer. This is some early brianmichaelbendis Marvel goodness right here, and still one of my favorites of his works. He introduces us to a very modern Elektra with a very topical and contemporary story.

Attached Memory:

I had the poster with this cover hanging in my room at my grandmother’s and my dorm rooms for years. Apparently, it helped fool folks into thinking I was straight. Must have been the boobs.

My grandmother said one day after I came out, “Well, I always suspected that you was gay, I mean you never acted like other boys, but I thought you can’t be gay since you had that poster in your room of the girl with the big tits.”

Thanks, Greg Horn. Thanks, Elektra.

Condition of My Copy: Autographed by Greg Horn, who likes to draw big boobs.