Since I’m not a children’s librarian, I don’t take as much time to read children’s graphic narratives as often as I should, as I usually just explore them for certain content, but I’m usually glad when I do. I was offered a chance to read Tiny Fox and Great Boar: There by Berenika Kolomycka, and it’s a lovely little book. Originally published in Europe, Oni Press is bringing it here in English tomorrow, 4/13/22.

This is a very simple story about a little fox who lives in solitude under an apple tree until one day a boar just…shows up. The boar claims space under the apple tree, too, and eventually Tiny Fox realizes that he’s grown quite fond of Great Boar. Mild adventures pursue, as they find strength in each other to take risks to search for food as the seasons change, and travel to new places including there.

The book may be a bit light on plot, but the artwork is beautiful. This graphic novel is done completely in watercolor, with mesmerizing backgrounds and adorable character expressions on each page. The pages contain very simple sentences, with just a few words of dialogue, and the book is divided into chapters that indicate the passage of time; all perfect for early readers. It’s not quite as witty as the likes of Jon Klassen, but fans of his picture books would likely appreciate this style. I recommend adding this to an easy or early reader collection.