During these trying times, I’m both terrified and proud

Hi, everyone! How is your social-distancing going? All good here. I’ve organized my bookshelves and comics (I’m months behind), I’ve started a proposal for a new book, and I’ve been reading and watching movies…a lot. Anyway, none of this means that I’m not scared of the uncertainty that we’re all facing, like all of us.

But amidst the fear and uncertainty, I can’t help but feel uplifted by the nearly overwhelming exhibits of solidarity and cooperation that seem to be manifesting culture-wide. It seems every component of our society (the orange buffoon notwithstanding) from the neighbor across the street to the billions-making mega corporations to previously-evil Republicans are stepping up to the plate to do what’s right to make our lives at home a little easier.

This is everything from my wonderful library colleagues engaging in innovative and quickly-assembled virtual services like virtual storytimes, people vowing to support local businesses and restaurants, communities supporting each other while remaining distant, movie studios releasing theatrical movies to the small screen early, and, of course, Macmillan lifting their damn embargo on eBooks!

There’s really nothing at all profound I can say about the state of things that others haven’t already said and said better. But I’ll be doing my best to stay positive, sane, and compassionate. I hope you all stay happy, safe, and healthy!