This breaks my heart

I met Sina Grace in the fall of 2018 when he was visiting Cleveland for Flaming River Con, an LGBT-focused comic con, where he talked about his life, career, and the writing of Iceman as an out gay man. During that visit, I met a man who was bright (in both senses of the word) ambitious, friendly, and grateful to be where he was. To his credit, he did not reveal any of these difficulties or frustrations at the time, but it is so disappointing to find out that things weren’t exactly rainbows and roses for him while working at Marvel.

Now, make no mistake; Iceman is still an important work, a wonderful read, and is still worthy of your support as readers and librarians. But I do feel it is important to be aware, this being Pride Month and all, some of the hardships that comic creators sometimes go through, especially those from marginalized communities, from both “fans” and publishers. Please read his blog post about the experience below.