My book is coming…

Well, folks, I haven’t blogged in quite some time, but I’m back in business, thanks to the upcoming release of my new book.

A while back, I noticed two things: 1. The most common frustration among librarians regarding comics was difficulties with classification and organization, and 2. The sum total of books about the topic was roughly zero, as most books about comics in libraries are readers’ advisory resources. The topic is discussed in an essay found in Graphic Novels and Comics in Libraries and Archives, edited by Rob Weiner, and in a few articles, but nothing recently. After some waiting, I realized the only way the book would exist is if I wrote, and thankfully Libraries Unlimited agreed.

Within its pages, among other things, you’ll find ideas for creating an in-house classification system for comics, as well as unorthodox approaches to cataloging and shelving. If but one library finds inspiration from it, then the work to have it published will have been worth it. You can preorder it right now on Amazon or find it in the My Books link to the left.

My goal is to helpful and champion comics in libraries. Please let me know how I’m doing.

See you at ALA Annual 2019!